Faster Lessons Benefits

Faster Lessons will increase your lesson volume and profits

Faster Lessons scheduling software makes it easy for your students to book lessons. Our software provides students with the ability to schedule and pay for lessons online - this means instant payment for you and the advantage of collecting payment for lessons up front. It also removes the burden from you, your instructors, or front desk staff of having to collect payment for lessons. No more playing phone tag, lost written messages, or multiple emails just to set up a lesson. Imagine your lesson schedule filling up without ever having to make a phone call or answer an email. Your students will love the ability to quickly schedule and pay for lessons online. Our easy to use online lesson scheduler allows students to schedule lessons 24 hours a day. The scheduling process is so easy that students will schedule more often, which means more lessons and more revenue!

Faster Lessons is guaranteed to increase your profits!

Manage your schedule more efficiently with the lesson block generator (Level 1 program)

The Faster Lessons “lesson block generator” helps to create a more efficient method of managing your lesson schedule. You simply open the hours (lesson blocks) that you are available for students to schedule lessons. Once a lesson block is open, it is open for students to book online. This system allows you to focus on teaching and less on administrative tasks. It also makes for a much easier method for students to book lessons.

Manage your instructional staff more efficiently with the lesson block generator (Level 2 and Level 3 programs)

The Faster Lessons “lesson block generator” helps to create a more efficient method of managing your instructional staff’s lesson schedules. You can open the hours (lesson blocks) that you want each instructor to be available for lessons, or, you have the option of providing each instructor with full access to their own lesson block generator. Once a lesson block is open, it is open for students to book online. This system allows you to manage instructor schedules more efficiently, which will ultimately bring more lessons and more dollars to your facility.

More efficient Instructional Staff

Instructors are able to access their schedule, booking information, and student contact information via the web with a username and password. This creates a structure where instructors are more self-sufficient, which relieves you of the burden having to contact them each time a lesson is scheduled, or of them having to call in to check their schedule.

Create more revenue for your facility by maximizing your lesson business

Many facilities simply do not maximize lesson revenue due to inefficient booking methods and the difficulties associated with managing multiple instructors. Faster Lessons software solves this problem by creating a program that makes customer booking easy and takes the headache out of managing staff. Let our programs help you grow and manage this part of your business.

Easy to read calendars with detailed reporting information

Faster Lessons has different calendars to best serve your needs. The Faster Lessons Instructor, Location (level 1 program only), and Facility Schedule Reports all offer detailed booking information, each with different viewing options. We understand that instructors and facilities may require different calendar views based on their business practice.

Improve Facility Management operations

Faster Lessons is not just a lesson scheduler. Our Level 2 and Level 3 programs include facility management tools that improve the ability to more efficiently manage floor operations. Features like our easy to read instructor and facility calendars allow staff to clearly view lessons and events in specific training areas.

Payroll made easier

Our Instructor Booking and Pay Report will generate all of the information you need to make payroll a simple task.

Multiple features allow for complete customization of your program

Faster Lessons offers many programming options, each of which can be customized to best serve your business needs.

Customer ability to manage their account

Customers are able to edit their profile, view booking history, check on upcoming lessons, and postpone and reschedule lessons. The ability for customers to manage their account, especially the postponing and rescheduling of lessons, relieves you of many tedious administrative tasks, and allows you to focus on growing your lesson business.

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